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Tyan S2882UG3NR-D Thunder K8S Pro

Цена: 701.00 у.е. (53977 руб.)

Для печати
Серверная материнская плата Tyan S2882UG3NR-D Thunder K8S Pro, AMD8131, Dual Opteron, Dual Core, 8DDR333 Dual Ch, Video, 2GbLan+Lan, 2PCI-X+2PCI-X+PCI+SO-DIMM for Zero Ch Raid, SCSI Dual Ch, SMDC, 4SA

Код в каталоге:
Производитель: TYAN
Код производителя: s2882UG3NR-D
Сайт производителя: http://www.tyan.com/
Статус: Товар отсутствует


 Dual чPGA 940-pin ZIF sockets
 Up to two AMD OpteronT 200 series processors
 Supports Single and Dual Core processors
 Two onboard 3-phase VRMs
 128-bit DDR dual-channel memory controller
(integrated in CPU)

 AMD-8131T HyperTransportT PCI-X Tunnel
 AMD-8111T HyperTransportT I/O Hub
 WinbondT W83627HF Super I/O ASIC
 Analog Devices ADM1027 Hardware Monitoring IC

 128-bit dual channel memory bus
 Eight 184-pin 2.5-Volt DDR DIMM sockets
 Supports up to 32GB of Registered DDR
 Supports ECC type memory modules
 Supports DDR 266/333/400
 Supports Single/Dual/Quad Rank mem. modules

Expansion Slots (Total of five usable slots)
 Two independent 64-bit PCI-X buses
- Two 100/66/33 MHz PCI-X slots at
PCI-X bus A
- Two 133/100/66/33 MHz PCI-X slots at
PCI-X bus B
 One legacy 32-bit 33 MHz (5V) PCI slot

Back Panel I/O Ports
 Stacked PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports
 Stacked two USB v1.1 ports + 1 RJ45 10/100
Base-T port w/ activity LED
 One 9-pin UART serial port
 One 15-pin VGA port
 Two RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T ports with
activity LED

Integrated I/O
 One floppy connector supports up to two drives
 One 9-pin serial ports connector
 One 25-pin parallel port connector
 Four USB v1.1 ports
 Three front panel LAN activity LED connectors

System Management
 Two 3+1-pin CPU fan header with tachometer
input and smart fan control (PWM)
 Five 3-pin system fan headers with tachometer
input, three of them with smart fan control
 One 2-pin Chassis Intrusion header
 Temperature, voltage and fan monitoring
 Watchdog timer

Integrated PCI Graphics
 ATIR RAGET XL PCI graphics controller
 8MB Frame Buffer of video memory

Integrated LAN Controllers
 Broadcom BCM5704C dual-channel GbE
- Two RJ-45 LAN connectors with LEDs
- Connected to PCI-X Bridge A
 Intel 82551QM 10/100 LOM
- Operating at 32-bit/33MHz PCI bus

Integrated Enhanced IDE Controller
 Dual IDE channels supports up to four EIDE
 Supports for UDMA 33/66/100/133 IDE drives
and ATAPI compliant devices

Integrated SATA Controller
 Silicon Image Sil3114 SATA RAID Accelerator
 Supports S-ATA 1.0 specification
 Supports 4 channel SATA port for up to four
SATA devices
 Supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1
 Connected to legacy 32-bit 33MHz PCI bus

Integrated Dual Channel SCSI (option)
 Adaptec AIC-7902W Dual-Ch.
U320 SCSI controller
 Connects to PCI-X Bridge A
 AdaptecR ZCR card support

Intelligent Platform Management Interface Header
 TYAN Server Management Daughter card
(optional) supports features listed below via
IPMI header ( SMDC/TSO Support)
 Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
 Tailored for IPMI
 Supports KCS and BT styles
 Flexible Windows/Linux Management Solution
 Supports RMCP and SNMP protocols
 Supports ASF standard and EMP
 I2C serial multi-master controllers and UARTs
 Build-in IPMB connector
 Remote power on/off and reset support

 AMIR BIOS 8.0 on 4Mbit LPC Flash ROM
 Supports APM 1.2 & ACPI 1.0
 Power Management S1, S4, and S5 support

Form Factor
 Extended ATX footprint
(13" x 12", 304.8 x 330.2 mm)
 EPS12V universal power connectors

 FCC Class B (Declaration of Conformity)
 CE (Declaration of Conformity).

Информация о производителе:
Tyan Computer Corporation, founded in 1989 by long-time Intel and IBM executive, Dr. T. Symon Chang, designs, manufactures and markets innovative server, workstation and desktop systems and platforms. Tyan system board products are sold to OEMs, Systems Integrators, VARs and Resellers worldwide.

Products from Tyan feature design enhancements specifically developed for enterprise computer room and data center environments. These highly stable, space-efficient products are very attractive to OEMs and System Integrators designing next generation rackmount server solutions for a wide array of applications.

With design and engineering centers located in the U.S., China, and Taiwan, Tyan holds a distinct advantage over the competition. Tyan's engineers are well-positioned to assist customers with the development of tailored solutions that meet their requirements. Customers are assured that Tyan products meet the highest quality and reliability standards available.

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